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The Chilstrom family emigrated to the US in 1853


Magnus Kjöllerström grew up with 10 siblings in the klockaregården in the parrish of Öreryd on the border between Småland and Västergötland in Sweden. In his teenage he was probably responsible for ringing thel bell in th church, as he has written his name in big red letters on the wall. There on the wall they found inscribed the words: “Magnus Kjöllerström – 1831.” Magnus and Katrina moved to Toarp in Västergötland in 1844. By that time they had four children -- Inga, Anna, Louisa and John, my grandfather. We have no idea why they moved, but can guess that it was for economic reasons. Since my grandfather John Peter was born in Öreryd it appears that they moved shortly after his birth. . What did Magnus do in the Toarp community? We can only guess, and the best guess is that he farmed in that area. The church at Toarp, the last congregation Magnus and Katrina and their children belonged to before sailing to America. I learned from my cousin Bengt, who examined the parish records at Toarp, that the Magnus Kjöllerström family left that parish and sailed for America in 1853. Those same records indicate that Magnus’ brother Johan Brynolf Kjöllerström and his family left the parish for America at the same time. This is confirmed by the Swenson Immigration Center in Rock Island, IL. They found that both families sailed from Göteborg (Gothenberg) on a ship named “Lodebar” on April 1, 1853. To accent the point I made earlier about the difficulty in spelling and pronouncing the name, the ship’s log lists Magnus’ family name as “Köllerström”. And to further underscore this problem, his brother Johan’s name on the ship’s log, as I indicated above, is spelled “Hollerström.” Being one of the younger brothers he had to find a farm of his own.


Eva did not sail with the family. She was already married and pregnant at age 19. Her husband, Olof Olofsson, was nine years older.

In 1857 he life too hard and emigrated to the US to find better Land. He built up a new farmhouse, very much like the one he had left.

Magnus lived 1809-1895. He was born in Klockaregården, home of the organist, close to the church in Öreryd in Småland on the border to Västergötland. He was married to Catharina Svensdotter. from the same parish. In the early years he must have been respinsible for ringing of the churck bells, as his signature still remains written in red in the church tower. He found that his farming in Öreryd was too poor and in 1844 he moved with his young family to Toarp in Västergötland. Probably the farming here was no better so in 1855 he decided to emmigrate to the US. Here he had to start all over again.


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Magnus was born in Klockaregården, home of the organist, close to the church in Öreryd in Småland in 1809.

In the church tower

Magnus´ signature still remains written in red in the church tower. Chris Chilstrom is looking.

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