Herbert Chilstrom: Kjöllerström Relatives in the US


The Story of Two Families and Their Times,

    The Chilstroms (Kjöllerströms)and the Nelsons (Nilssons)

00             Introduction

01             The Kjöllerström (Chilstrom) And Nilsson (Nelson) Roots In Sweden

02             Sailing To A New Land

03             The Nilssons (Nelsons) Arrive In Boston

04             The Kjöllerströms (Chilstroms) Arrive In New York

05             Will The Journey Never End?  From Buffalo To Milwaukee

06             The Wisconsin Years

07             Minnesota -- A Land To Be Settled ? Or A Land To Be Conquered ?

08             The Morristown / Colorado Years

09             The Eagle Lake / Twin Lakes Years

10             The Cannon River Years

11             The Beckville / Litchfield Years

12             What Sorrow !  What Grief !

13             Memories….

14             Conclusion



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